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Unified Limits in OpenStack Manila

I hope the heading of this entry has not made you open a new tab to look up any of the following phrases or anything close to them: Unified Limits in OpenStack Manila , Unified Limits in OpenStack, OpenStack, OpenStack Manila, OpenStack for Dummies.I will try my level best to explain what each term means…More

Yay! Tmux \o/

Introduction If you are new to Linux or command line interfaces then you may not have heard of tmux.It is one of the numerous terminal multiplexers that are used by Linux system admins and other power users.Other terminal multiplexers include GNU Screen and dvtm.They offer numerous advantages like persistent sessions and having more than one…More

Everybody Struggles.

I can’t believe that it has already been two weeks since the Outreachy Internship began.It has been a lot of fun working with the OpenStack team.From getting lost in immense volumes of documentation to the meetings held on IRC each Thursday at 1500UTC to the one on one sessions with Goutham and Victoria (my OpenStack…More